Adapter profile for Juwel® aquariums

The simple yet professional lighting solution for your JUWEL aquarium.

This adapter profile enables you to easily switch to daytime® LED lighting. Remove the light bar (together with the holder bracket) and replace it with the daytime® JUWEL adapter profile.

This profile can be used to hold lighting from the matrix, eco or cluster product lines. The original JUWEL hinged lid can be inserted precisely into the adapter profile.

Quick, easy and safe.

Technical details

Here you will find the adapter profile to match your JUWEL aquarium.

Adapter mounting profile Length of mounting profile Tank width suitable for ... suitable for matrix, eco or cluster
JU55 534 mm - Trigon 350 (hinten) 50.x
JU60 593 mm 61 cm Lido 120 60.x
JU70 693 mm 71 cm Lido 200 | Trigon 190 70.x
JU80 793 mm 81 cm Rio 125 80.x
JU90 903 mm 92 cm Vision 180 90.x
JU100 993 mm 101 cm Rio 180 | Trigon 350 (vorne) 100.x
JU120 1192 mm 121 cm Rio 240 | Rio 300 | Vision 260 120.x
JU150 1492 mm 151 cm Rio 400 | Vision 450 150.x

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