Light/power calculator

Determine your lighting needs!

Low lighting requirement
10 – 20 lumens per litre

For easy-care water plants such as Anubias, some Crypocorynes, some Amazon types, Javafarn, Vallisneria, biotope aquariums (e.g. shrimp, discus aquariums or African aquariums)

Normal lighting requirement
20 – 30 lumens per litre

For more demanding aquatic plants such as some mosses, some Hygrophila, Pogostemon helferi, or some Amazon types.
CO2 fertilization, soil and liquid fertilizer are required.

Greater lighting requirement
30 or more lumens per litre

For particularly demanding water plants, such as cuba periwinkle (Hcc), glossostigma or rotala. CO2 fertilization, soil and liquid fertilizer, and special fertilizer are required.

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