pendix® marine complete sets

Basic sets for reef aquariums.

Choose the suitable size for your aquarium.

from 819,00 


Scope of delivery:

pendix® profile | SunLike marine LED PRO-modules | Wire suspension set | Converter

Special features

  • smooth and even illumination for a natural reef light > no shadowing
  • perfect for LPS and SPS
  • up to 30% less energy costs compared to “LED lens systems” with the same result
  • min. distance 6 cm > a pendix can be placed very close to the water surface
  • no problem to acclimatization of corals
  • no fans > silent and trouble-free operation
  • waterproof > a pendix survives a fall into the water without damage


Every pendix set contains already a basic setup of SunLike marine PRO modules. Modules can be added anytime depending on the type of reef. Please check overview table below for details.

SizeLength of
water depth
approx. 10 cm
water depth
approx. 50 cm
PURSuitable for
pendix40.4 marine40 cm4x SunLike marine 1:140 watts480 µmol/s/m²100 µmol/s/m²90%from 60x30x30 cm
up to 70x50x40 cm
90 watts
(for max. 9 modules)
pendix60.5 marine60 cm4x SunLike marine 1:1
1x SunLike marine 3:1
50 watts600 µmol/s/m²125 µmol/s/m²92%from 80x35x40 cm
up to 90x50x50 cm
120 watts
(for max. 12 modules)
pendix80.6 marine80 cm4x SunLike marine 1:1
2x SunLike marine 3:1
60 watts720 µmol/s/m²150 µmol/s/m²94%from 100x40x40 cm
up to 110x60x50 cm
180 watts
(for max. 18 modules)
pendix100.7 marine100 cm4x SunLike marine 1:1
3x SunLike marine 3:1
70 watts840 µmol/s/m²175 µmol/s/m²96%from 120x40x40 cm
up to 130x60x60 cm
240 watts
(for max. 24 modules)
pendix130.9 marine130 cm6x SunLike marine 1:1
3x SunLike marine 3:1
90 watts1080 µmol/s/m²225 µmol/s/m²95%from 150x50x50 cm
up to 160x60x60 cm
240 watts
(for max. 24 modules)