daytime® backlight

LED rear panel to create a grandiose background depth effect in the aquarium.

  • daytime® „backlight Pool“ specially for open aquariums, e. g. Scaper Tanks
  • daytime® “backlight JU“ specially for the aquariums Lido, Rio, and Vision from JUWEL
  • daytime® “backlight EH“ specially for the aquariums Vivaline, Proxima and Incpiria from EHEIM
  • daytime® “backlight customized” – We manufacture backlights in any size from 30 x 15 – 300 x 100 cm!

glass measure

The size is with millimeter precision to the respective glass size of the back of the aquarium.

scope of delivery

Each daytime® backlight is supplied with a power supply unit and brackets suitable for the respective aquarium.

aluminum frame

The stable frame is made of solid, anodized aluminum. The precise cutting and assembly take place in our own factory

Brackets “invisible”

Extremely easy, tool-free installation thanks to the ingenious “locking or holding mechanism”. No visible brackets!

gradient plates

The gradient plate can be dismantled without tools and exchanged for optionally available plates, e.g. in opal white.

connecting cable

The cable outlet, which is deliberately routed inwards, enables the backlight frame to be flush with the bottom of the aquarium (even if the floor space is larger than the aquarium!).

backlights and components

Here you can select and order bachlights and components.

backlight variants

Choose the right backlight for your aquarium.

backlight accessories

Optional brackets, a dimming module and alternative gradient plates are available.