matrix – Modular LED System. Unique.

The perfect light for closed aquariums.

The »matrix« LED lighting system is especially designed for closed aquariums. The sum of light quality, the unique modular structure and the durability sets standards – for freshwater aquariums and marine aquariums!

High-End Customizations

With modules added by the aquarium owner

Various Adapter Sets

For mounting the “matrix” on the aquarium

All Aluminium Components

Are anodized (in accordance with DIN EN 81249-1) to resist seawater

Special Modules

LED-modules “SunLike fresh” and “SunLike marine” – natural sunlight with discreetly UV-A

matrix | Components

Here you can select and order all components of the matrix LED system individually. For a functioning matrix LED system, select a matrix profile, at least one LED module and a suitable converter. Optionally, you can also choose a special holder suitable for your aquarium.

matrix Profiles

The luminaire profile is the basis of the matrix LED system and is used to hold the LED modules. Available up to 195cm!

LED PRO-Modules | Marine

The daytime® LED modules available in various light colours. These modules can be combined as required to suit every aquarium.

LED PRO-Modules | Freshwater

The daytime® LED modules available in various light colours. These modules can be combined as required to suit every aquarium.

matrix Adapter Sets

Various adapter sets and adapter & design profiles are currently available for integrating the daytime® matrix into your aquarium.

matrix Adapter-Profile for JUWEL®

The simple yet professional lighting solution for your JUWEL aquarium.


Lighting Controls

Daylight simulation – sunrise, sunset, moonlight, clouds. “Plug & Play” Smart Control and Basic Control are available.


The converter is the motor of the lighting. Different power levels between 25 and 240 watts are available (mandatory for operation).

Distributor, adapter cables

Distributors enable the operation of multiple lights with one converter. The luminaires can be connected to lighting controls from other manufacturers via adapter cables.

matrix | Highlights

High-End Customizations

LED modules can be freely placed, mixed and exchanged by the aquarium owner

Position-independent module placement thanks to specially developed daytime® grooving contacts and screw channels

Heat dissipation increased by 20% thanks to lateral heat-conducting surfaces

Super long! Luminaire profile continuously up to 400cm for the giants under the aquariums


CNC-milled module housing made of anodized aluminium (resistance to seawater according to DIN EN 81249-1)

Crystal-clear polyurethane potting delivers excellent resistance for aquariums – with proven long-term effectiveness! (Seawater, vents, humidity, etc.)

SEOUL SEMICONDUCTOR SMD LED 5630, max. 180 lumen/watt

SunLike – white light LED with UV-A peak and increased green content


Lifetime approx. 60,000 h

Beam angle 120°


Integrated inline adapter system (universal adapter set) with rubber non-slip contact surfaces

CNC-milled head pieces made of solid anodized aluminium

All screws are V4A stainless steel (rust-free, seawater resistant)

incl. splash plate – increases the cleaning comfort to a maximum (can be removed for cleaning)

Connector & Special Tool

Professional waterproof IP67 connector system from Binder, made in Germany

Very flexible silicone cable (uncoloured “natural”)

Cable length 2,0m

Including a special tool for module assembly/disassembly and for fixing the inline adapter system in place